CBC-Dragon’s Den oh boy was it HOT!!!

6am Thursday May 12 2011, I am up and pumped to go to the gym. As I am drinking my lemon water I was killing time on FB and there it was; a msg from a friend of mine asking if I would like to participate on CBC’s show Dragon’s Den???? Would I???? Of course…..

It is always the unknown that gets me going. I have watched 2 or 3 episodes of Dragon’s Den, so I had an idea of what goes down LOL.  The reason why I was contacted was because two South Asian fellows have come up with a tool called the “i-threader”. What is that you ask? It is a gadget that you can use to thread your facial hair and eyebrows with out using your fingers/hands, it’s a press of a button away to make this happen. At my spa, I do eyebrow threading and therefore they heard about my expertise and wanted me to come on with them to showcase how traditional threading is performed so they could compare the efficiency of their creation the “i-threader”.  The most interesting aspect to this was that 2 guys came up with this idea LOL…I didn’t ask further.

The show is for Season 6 which airs September 2011 onwards. I am very excited about it and most of all for you all to see what went down :)   What happened during the “Pitch”? That you will have to see for yourself!!!

Maybe a hint: Jim said “Once you go Brown you don’t go back” as he glared into my eyes LOL (I wanted my mommy at that moment)…

What is “Threading”?


Here are some pics from May 13th CBC- Dragon’s Den taping:

Tour of the "DEN" on Set CBC studio

Subodh, Me, Shawn & Molly (Subodh & Shawn are the creators of the "i-threader")

Hair, Make-up and Mic setting room before we went into the Den to present!!!

Shawn's attempt with the "i-threader"

The "team"...Thank you for bringing me on board. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience!!!

Now awaits September for the real deal ;)


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