Another South Asian Artist Making Waves in the Hip Hop Scene!!!

Kiran Shergill and I met in 2002 while she was in Toronto as a contestant for the Miss India Canada World Wide.  We connected instantly as I was doing her make-up for the Devdas performance 2004. Kiran is originally from Calgary, but quickly packed up her bags and made her way to L.A. to fulfill her DREAMS as a dancer.  Along the way she has brushed shoulders with Usher, P.Diddy and Jay Z.

She is now embracing her vocal cords and just launched a teaser hoping to get signed with a big label:

(Currently running at 23,000 hits and was posted in December)

I also had the chance to sit with her while she visited Toronto in December and asked her a few questions:

( My favorite answer is from question 1 LOL )

1)  Give a brief description about yourself:

I’m 5′5 with brown eyez.

2) What do you love most about your career at this point?
I love so many things especially the people I work with and the support around me. I wake up every morning excited about going to work (The studio, etc) and I also look forward to making a difference in the world through charities and programs I am involving myself in. Of course the traveling, meeting new people, and the spontaneity itself of my job is a perk as well.

3) Do you believe it’s faith that is part of your journey and if so why?
Of course! I believe that everyone has dreams and ambition of some kind. Life is about choices. Faith is confidence and trust in a person or thing. I have faith in my work, in my creativity, and most of all myself. A persons journey should be full of faith.

4) Who is your musical idol?
Wow!!! I have a lot, but if I have to choose I would have to say Michael and Janet.

5) What is your genera style of music that will separate you from others?
Well, I write my own music and my whole sound was created based on my personality, writing, and singing style. So its unique to me.

6) So far what has been your major milestone?
Its definitely the people Ive had the opportunity to work with worked with that have marked any milestones for me thus far. Included are choreographers Tina Landon (Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Shakira) whom Ive admired growing up as well as other choreographers such as Ed Moore (Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Usher)  Rujuta Vaidya (Britney Spears, A.R. Rahman, Black Eyed Peas)  and my producer J2 who I created my music with.

7) We all have our moments of success and struggles, share with us a point of struggle that was your major learning lesson thus far:
Lol I have had plenty and I’m sure I will have more. One that stands out for me right now is a dance audition I had for some dance movie a few years ago where I froze and forgot the choreography. I was so embarrassed it was in front of so many people plus on tape….which mite just end up haunting me later one day. Haha. Ive learned to just brush it off….everyone has a bad audition…I’m sure of it.

8) Do you have a website and if so what is it?
You can check me out at
I believe Kiran will be a HUGE success!!!
Good Luck,
Kavita Suri

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