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Be Your Own Make-Up Artist

This past Saturday was lots of fun!!! Rani Pooran and I met in November at Spice Route, a very socially trendy restaurant. Of course the topic of Make-up came up and she took interest in learning a new fresh look for herself.
Rani is in the corporate world and wears very minimal make-up. She also is [...]

The Launch of :: Kavita Suri Make-up Workshops ::

I am soooo excited to INTRODUCE an amazing line up of Make-up Workshops!!!
It is for all you ladies that have supported my events and requested for this to happen, so Thank you for inspiring me to do this.
Here is the list of Make-up Workshops:
The Bronze Smokey Eye
Looks for the corporate office
Shimmer powders
Red Lips, Fake Lashes [...]

Make-up Workshop: The Bronze Smokey Eye

The Smokey Eye is one of the most sought after look that women want to
“know how to do…“.
I found that applying the most common Gray-Black Smokey Eye could be intimidating to do at first. I created ” The Bronze Smokey Eye” look so that it slowly builds the confidence to try out darker colors such [...]