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I have been brought on board to keep all the momma’s up to date with beauty trends, tips and more…

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CBC-Dragon’s Den oh boy was it HOT!!!

6am Thursday May 12 2011, I am up and pumped to go to the gym. As I am drinking my lemon water I was killing time on FB and there it was; a msg from a friend of mine asking if I would like to participate on CBC’s show Dragon’s Den???? Would I???? Of course…..

It is always the unknown that gets me going. I have watched 2 or 3 episodes of Dragon’s Den, so I had an idea of what goes down LOL.  The reason why I was contacted was because two South Asian fellows have come up with a tool called the “i-threader”. What is that you ask? It is a gadget that you can use to thread your facial hair and eyebrows with out using your fingers/hands, it’s a press of a button away to make this happen. At my spa, I do eyebrow threading and therefore they heard about my expertise and wanted me to come on with them to showcase how traditional threading is performed so they could compare the efficiency of their creation the “i-threader”.  The most interesting aspect to this was that 2 guys came up with this idea LOL…I didn’t ask further.

The show is for Season 6 which airs September 2011 onwards. I am very excited about it and most of all for you all to see what went down :)   What happened during the “Pitch”? That you will have to see for yourself!!!

Maybe a hint: Jim said “Once you go Brown you don’t go back” as he glared into my eyes LOL (I wanted my mommy at that moment)…

What is “Threading”?

Here are some pics from May 13th CBC- Dragon’s Den taping:

Tour of the "DEN" on Set CBC studio

Subodh, Me, Shawn & Molly (Subodh & Shawn are the creators of the "i-threader")

Hair, Make-up and Mic setting room before we went into the Den to present!!!

Shawn's attempt with the "i-threader"

The "team"...Thank you for bringing me on board. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience!!!

Now awaits September for the real deal ;)


Guest Blogger on TWO MANGOES…Win IIFA Tickets!!!

It is an absolute delight to be a Guest Blogger for Toronto’s South Asian TRENDIEST Dating site.

Join their DATING movement TODAY:


Thank You Two Mangoes TEAM !!!



Beautilish with URBAN MILAN NYC

Business Savvy Rachna Kapur owner of NYC South Asian’s Social Site URBAN MILAN NYC, brought me on board as the Beauty Expert in April 2011.  I am very proud to be part of NYC’s South Asian’s social movement by adding my beauty tips and thoughts to the site.

As I was in NYC for a week for work (Bridal Make-up), Rachna organized such a great event for me to present Spring/Summer 2011 Make-up Looks at Artica in Midtown Manhattan. Along side myself she had a Spa Product representative and a Henna Artist participate; it was lots of fun to see how NYC South Asian girls represent.

Here are some pics….Oh and I have to mention that it was fantastic to have TWO MANGOES from Toronto show up as well!!!

Take Home Gifts and Jewels for sale!!!

Take home Gift Bags and Jewles for Sale

Raffle Prizes

Vasanti Spring/Summer 2011 Line Up

Spa Product

NYC Henna Artist trained by Ash Kumar

Henna in full effect

Doing My thing!!!

Jas (Two Mangoes), Rachna (Urban Milan), Moi

Spa Product Demo

Anil (Two Mangoes) getting his hands scrubbed down :D

Me and Yeng Wong (Main Dancer of BAX NYC)

Thank You NYC for showing me your LOVE….I will be BACK!!!


Effortless Make-up Product & Tips

I was invited to speak at an event in the beginning of this month and the theme of the event was “Effortless Style”.  I wanted to share with you what I presented from Vasanti Cosmetics. This one is for the ladies that spend no more than 5mins on their make-up…

Liquid Cover Up: Benefits - DUO use Foundation and Concelear in ONE. Best way to build on your foundation application with out the look or feel of cakiness or heaviness.

Lip and Cheek Stain: DUO use product that you can use on both your lips and cheeks...LOVE IT!!!

Eye & Cheek Putty: DUO use product that is perfect for quick glow. Apply this on your eyes and cheeks and you are ready to shine!!!

Women in Leadership Presents: Sweet Talk Toronto Edition

As a presentation SPEAKER I would like to INVITE you to be part of this SWEET event!!!

The Women In Leadership Foundation (WIL) creates inspirational programs that bring women together in developing their leadership skills and creating positive change in the future of women’s leadership in Canada.

What Where and Who???

Sweet Talk — Your Effortless Style
March 10, 2011  |  6 p.m. – 8 p.m.  |  Cossette  |  502 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Join us at the always stylish Cossette for the Toronto launch of a sweet and stylish networking event exploring simple, economic and attractive ways to save time and zest up your business attire. Hosted by the Women In Leadership Foundation, the evening will welcome you to entice your taste buds with delectable cupcakes courtesy of Life Is Sweet and fine wine provided by Palatine Hills Estate Winery.

and more check out link and purchase your tickets TODAY…

See you there!!!


WOW is all I have to say about March 11 Sweet Talk event; actually “WOW” was the word I opened my speech with!!!

It amazes me how interested other women are in women related events and movements.  The night was filled with abundance of food, glamor and LOVE!!!

The event organizers represented WIL to the “t”.  They were compassionate, helpful and very positive.  I was very much delighted and honored to be part of this event.

Thank You sooo MUCH for such a Great time WIL Team!!!!

KIM KARDASHIAN Make-up Look Event

Alright Ladies this one is for all of you that have asked me “How do I get Kim’s Look”

Book a COMPLIMENTARY Make-up Session to get the look

With a purchase of $30 pf Vasanti Cosmetics you will receive a  FREE Masacara

When: Friday, February 25th

Time: 4p – 7p

Location: 33 Hazelton Avenue 4th flr Toronto


Real Bride Real Traditonal Suhaag 2011 Ad courtesy of G & H photography!!!

This is one of my Favorite shots from my Bridal work…

G&H photography you rock!!!

Thank you for capturing the Real essence of one of my Brides


Complimentary Suhaag Tix: Feb 2011 Make-up Cert Dates: Smokey Eye Workshop

Bride to Be or Not to Be!!!

See you at TORONTO’S Largest South Asian Bridal Show

FEB 6th 2011

Toronto Congress Centre 11a – 7p


***Please email your mailing address***


Become a Make-up Artist that you have always dreamed about!!!

Registration Deadline:

Jan 25 2011

Start Date:

Feb 7 2011



Conquer the Challenge of getting it right this time!!!


Sunday Jan 23rd


33 Hazelton Avenue: Toronto: M5r 2E3


2p – 4p


Another South Asian Artist Making Waves in the Hip Hop Scene!!!

Kiran Shergill and I met in 2002 while she was in Toronto as a contestant for the Miss India Canada World Wide.  We connected instantly as I was doing her make-up for the Devdas performance 2004. Kiran is originally from Calgary, but quickly packed up her bags and made her way to L.A. to fulfill her DREAMS as a dancer.  Along the way she has brushed shoulders with Usher, P.Diddy and Jay Z.

She is now embracing her vocal cords and just launched a teaser hoping to get signed with a big label:

(Currently running at 23,000 hits and was posted in December)

I also had the chance to sit with her while she visited Toronto in December and asked her a few questions:

( My favorite answer is from question 1 LOL )

1)  Give a brief description about yourself:

I’m 5′5 with brown eyez.

2) What do you love most about your career at this point?
I love so many things especially the people I work with and the support around me. I wake up every morning excited about going to work (The studio, etc) and I also look forward to making a difference in the world through charities and programs I am involving myself in. Of course the traveling, meeting new people, and the spontaneity itself of my job is a perk as well.

3) Do you believe it’s faith that is part of your journey and if so why?
Of course! I believe that everyone has dreams and ambition of some kind. Life is about choices. Faith is confidence and trust in a person or thing. I have faith in my work, in my creativity, and most of all myself. A persons journey should be full of faith.

4) Who is your musical idol?
Wow!!! I have a lot, but if I have to choose I would have to say Michael and Janet.

5) What is your genera style of music that will separate you from others?
Well, I write my own music and my whole sound was created based on my personality, writing, and singing style. So its unique to me.

6) So far what has been your major milestone?
Its definitely the people Ive had the opportunity to work with worked with that have marked any milestones for me thus far. Included are choreographers Tina Landon (Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Shakira) whom Ive admired growing up as well as other choreographers such as Ed Moore (Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Usher)  Rujuta Vaidya (Britney Spears, A.R. Rahman, Black Eyed Peas)  and my producer J2 who I created my music with.

7) We all have our moments of success and struggles, share with us a point of struggle that was your major learning lesson thus far:
Lol I have had plenty and I’m sure I will have more. One that stands out for me right now is a dance audition I had for some dance movie a few years ago where I froze and forgot the choreography. I was so embarrassed it was in front of so many people plus on tape….which mite just end up haunting me later one day. Haha. Ive learned to just brush it off….everyone has a bad audition…I’m sure of it.

8) Do you have a website and if so what is it?
You can check me out at
I believe Kiran will be a HUGE success!!!
Good Luck,
Kavita Suri